Aep exposed as Router and removed from the team

I already made a post about this in #announcements, this post will going in full detail without anything left out. Everything started with this announcement on 4/20/2024

announcement 4/20 (funny number hahaha)

Router (Aep) DM'ed me willing to work on a 2016 client for and so he was on the development team, the Aep account on had already long been registered in 2023, the Router account had registered on 4/20/2024, and then on 4/27/2024 Router (Aep) also signed up with the same IP on our main and test databases.

proof (censored cuz leak not good)
test db (also censored)

On 4/30/2024, our lead staff had let me know about his suspicions about Router (Aep) in DMs, later on 5/1/2024 that I (Aesthetiful) had went and did a database search on the Router and Aep accounts, still on 5/1 we had both found out that we we're possibly been manipulated, we confronted this to Router (Aep) in separate DMs, his justification was that his internet was bad on 4/20.

After this confrontation, Router (Aep) now goes on to threaten to leak a file with not even the essentials to handle a r* client.

in fact, does not have more to leak (at least for code)

There is not justifying leaking code for any reason, even for been mistreated (which was not the case), leaking code without permission is not only disliked in the ORC but it also shows how untrustworthy a person can be.

So in conclusion, Router (Aep) is a person you should not be involved with, and you shouldn't have him on a development team of any kind and DEFINITELY DO NOT send anything to this person, nothing but a person you cannot trust, we both wouldn't had to go public about this, if he had just admitted he had been caught and accept the fact that we no longer wanted him on the team, it could have been as peaceful as how we removed dxf from the team a few months ago.

5/4 edit:

I also have something to admit, while Router (Aep), he mentioned that we didn't hash IPs, which is true, and so 5/2 we now hash IPs. To have your account be linked to your hashed IP, all you have to do is login once and your IP will forever be hashed.